The Easy 5-Step Transition to Custom Automation and a Profitable Future

Just because you’ve done things manually in your facility for years doesn’t mean you can’t transition to a faster, easier process. Transforming the processes in your facility is a big decision, but maybe you’ve already done your research on custom automation and integration. Maybe you’ve read our case studies and white papers on how engineered automation can benefit you and your industry. Maybe you’ve even considered the ROI and found it to be worth pursuing. But now what? What are the first steps in the transition to integrating a custom automation process designed specifically for your product and your facility?

The actual transition sounds complicated and hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Partnering with NAVUS to create a customized automation solution that integrates seamlessly in your facility for your specific needs is a great way to ensure a smooth transition and a profitable future. Simply put, we take the complication out of automation. We’ve outlined the simple 5-step process that we follow when helping a company embrace its full potential through implementing a custom automation process into their manufacturing facility.

1. Share Your Vision With Us

The first step in any project we undertake is to discuss in detail with prospective clients what their highest hopes and dreams are for their manufacturing facility. We have helped countless clients achieve what they thought was impossible, but the first step in a fruitful partnership with NAVUS is to let us into your world and all that you imagine it can be.

We can schedule a time to tour your facility with you so we can see the current processes you have in action. During this part of the process, our engineers take notes as to how we can utilize what’s already existing within your facility to design something new and improved. This is also an excellent time to show us what you want to keep and what you don’t mind changing. Our engineers walk away from this facility tour with their mind already buzzing with possible options to improve production in your facility.

2. Propose the Possibilities

After discussing your goals with you and your team and touring your facility, NAVUS’ team of engineers compile a list of possible solutions for you to review. Whether we design multiple processes for your facility, or only tackle one at a time, nothing makes it into the prototype or production stage without your approval. 

All of our ideas and proposals are focused on increasing production, streamlining consistent quality, and maximizing revenue. We won’t propose an idea that doesn’t have your company’s best interest at heart. 

Once your team has reviewed the possible solutions, we can get together again and discuss what the next steps look like for our partnership. Our goal is not merely to solve your manufacturing problems through custom automation and integration. We want to do it in a way that works for your needs and emphasizes your success

3. Design & Development

The design and development stage of custom automation and integration is no doubt one of the most exciting steps. In this stage, NAVUS engineers combine concepts and reality to fully design the processes that have only existed in their imagination so far. This is an opportunity for our engineers’ experience and wisdom to shine when showing you the possibilities of what they’ve already proposed. 

Paying attention to detail in the design and development process allows for us to make sure every variable has been considered before building your custom process. Many of our proposed system designs are put through extensive simulation and demonstration processes. The simulation step confirms that our proposed system design is feasible before starting to cut, weld, and fabricate the parts to build it. We can also use our in-house robots and automation technologies to bring these simulated versions of your process to life through scaled demonstrations in our shop, known as a “Proof of Concept”. During a proof of concept demonstration you’ll get to see the process in action before we build the final version that will live in your manufacturing facility 24/7. This gives you the opportunity to fully analyze any risks and rewards before moving forward in the process.

4. Building Your Custom Automation Process

Once we’re confident that your custom automation process will do everything you want it to, we begin building the system in our manufacturing facility. Every process we design and build becomes reality on our shop floor in Knoxville, TN. We partner with some of the best vendors in the business to provide you with a process that will last you a lifetime. Once all of the pieces are brought together to create the cohesive system, we extensively test the system to ensure it  performs the way it is designed to.

When it has passed all of our tests and has a consistent performance, we get it ready for integration into your manufacturing facility!

5. Integration

After your custom automation process has been completed and approved by you and your team, we move onto the integration portion of our partnership. We fully supervise every step of the process. We ensure that the installation process is thorough and fast, with minimal downtime for your facility. 

We also make sure that you and your team are completely trained on how to optimally use your new process. Our partnership doesn’t end with installation. When NAVUS designs a custom automation process, they follow through, even beyond integration and training. If you ever have a concern or question regarding the possibilities of your automation process, our team of engineers is eager and available to speak with you. 

Wrapping Up

Custom automation and integration isn’t a new concept, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. In order to keep up with modern manufacturing, facilities have to consider automation and integration at some point. The question eventually comes down to, ‘Who will you hire?’ NAVUS is dedicated to discovering the best way to make your business thrive through custom automation and integration. Our passion for automation in manufacturing isn’t simply because we’re the best. It’s because we want you to be the best. 

If you’re ready to discuss how NAVUS can help you and your business move forward from outdated production practices and embrace the future of manufacturing, reach out to us today! Our team of engineers is ready to help you take a step forward into the future by making the impossible possible for you and your entire company.


Navus Automation Inc. is a leading full-service automation integrator. Our world class team has a reputation for applying ingenuity to solve complex challenges and deliver customized turn-key systems solutions. From concept to completion, Navus provides robotic welding and automation systems built upon our unwavering commitment to excellence, precision and reliability.


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Navus Automation, Inc., is a leading full-service automation integrator. Our world-class team has a reputation for applying ingenuity to solve complex challenges and deliver customized turn-key systems solutions. From concept to completion, Navus provides robotic welding and automation systems built upon our unwavering commitment to excellence, precision, and reliability. Navus collaborates with many Fortune 500 companies in the medical, automotive, military, and consumer industries. Navus engineers are renowned for their expertise in providing innovative and solid solutions for integrated systems that increase productivity, quality, and safety. Founded in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1998, Navus excels by envisioning the future of automation and delivering exceptional robotic solutions.