The Team at Navus: Pioneers of Custom Automation

Navus has a reputation for providing custom solutions for unique challenges. Our team’s dedication to doing the new and unexpected has proven time and again that we’re pioneers in the world of custom automation for manufacturing. From design to the finished product, collaboration across our company delivers the solutions our clients have come to expect.

Navus offers custom solutions for automationMeet Jon: Automated Robotics Technician

Jon R. has been with Navus for 7 years. He’s done a little bit of everything — fabrication, welding, installation, and even customer support and education after install. We recently asked Jon to share his Navus story.

Custom Automation Solutions with Continued Support

Navus: Describe what you do in your role at Navus.

Jon: I fabricate, weld, and assemble automated equipment. I also install, test run, and provide customer support and education on their new equipment. I’ve spent years doing that with the robotic solutions that Navus provides. It’s been a great experience so far.

Navus: How did you end up in this career, and ultimately at Navus?

Jon: I was actually born a fifth generation carpenter just outside of Chicago. I grew up in Northern Wisconsin, worked at my father’s side for five years, until he told me one day to ditch carpentry. Then I got into a welding facility without knowing anything about welding. After 13 years of welding, traveling in 38 different states installing equipment, I moved to Tennessee.

I found an ad in the newspaper for mechanized welders and I applied. I passed my hand-welding test with flying colors. After hiring me they took me into a booth they were working on and told me what the robot was going to do. I laughed at them and told them that was impossible. My now supervisor told me to stick it out and see, and that was the project that eventually sent me overseas for a few years for installation.

Navus: What’s your favorite part about your job and working at Navus?

From design to welding to installation, Navus delivers an entire solutions for their clientsJon: I would say the creative flexibility is my favorite part of the job. You can’t find what we make on the shelves of any store. Everything is different. It’s all one-of-a-kind. We only had to compete against one other company for some of the biggest projects we’ve had. We’re like pioneers with the stuff we build.

But I also love the people I work with. That’s another favorite part of my job at Navus.

Advancing with Our Clients, One Solution at a Time

Navus: Describe some of the ways you’ve seen the team at Navus work together to overcome challenges.

Jon: You just described the entire 7 years I’ve worked at Navus. Everything we do is custom for our customers. Obviously, when you’re doing things no one else has ever done before, they come with their own little hiccups and challenges. But with the wide variety of talent we have under this roof, there’s somebody here that knows how to solve whatever challenge we face.

Navus: What have been your favorite projects to work on?

Jon: There are a couple of projects that I’ve worked on from start to finish. One of the projects in particular I’ve taken apart and put back together multiple times. Our client just keeps advancing in what they’re doing, which lets us continue to advance our solutions for them.

Navus: What do you hope for your future at Navus?

Jon: One day I would love to learn more about the programming and program design side of what we do for our clients. I already do so much with fabrication and installation, that programming would add the final piece to the full picture of each project.

Forging the Future & Clarifying the Complex in Custom Automation & Fabrication

The team at Navus brings a wealth of expertise to every single project. We pride ourselves on an environment where our team can learn and grow in areas they’re interested in. Every single step of our work includes opportunities to collaborate and enjoy new perspectives of what we do for our clients. Dedicated team members like Jon who have worked with us for years are a part of the reason that our high standards for the solutions and products we deliver are possible!

Are you interested in joining the Navus family? Reach out to us today. We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team of engineers and technicians. Learn more by emailing us at


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