Navus Fills Niche For Adaptive Multipass Welding


A crystal clear image from the HD camera during inspection shows 0 inclusions.

Multipass adaptive welding is a signature strength of the Navus team. With the ability to weld with an adaptive process, we are able to produce higher quality joints on even the heaviest of weldments. This process has been proven on joints with over 60 passes.

Buck Barber, Sales Manager at Navus, said, “The team developed an algorithm that allows the system to adapt to changing joint parameters including width, position, and angle. In a sense, this allows us to hit a moving target. No one has put the technology together to do it quite this way.” The resulting welding process is quicker, more consistent, and of higher quality.

The adaptive robotic welding solution is also bringing consistency and speed to a process with which operators are allowed only short windows of time to work due to safety regulations. When operators must switch every 15 minutes due to hazardous conditions, a large gap is created where no value is being added to the product. Robotic systems are able to fill this gap and maximize arc-on time.

Due to the stringent ultrasonic testing requirements, testing cannot be completed until the entire joint is complete. If an inclusion is found in the root pass, the entire weld must be ground out to be repaired. The consistency of a robot minimizes such occurrences and the speed allows for quicker recovery in such a case.

With years of research and development and a certified weld inspector on staff, Navus has developed innovative strategies to meet the toughest welding challenges. From welding in all positions to producing welds that stand up to the most rigorous testing procedures, Navus has the experience, technology, and in-house testing capabilities to perfect processes.

Our multipass heavy deposition robotic solutions include:

  • A portable robotic work cell for multiple welds in multiple positions.
  • Robotic tool changes for single-torch welding, grinding, deburring, and cleaning.
  • Remote operating solutions for hazardous environments to prep joints, weld, clean, and inspect.
  • T-beam welding robotic cell that reduces production time by nearly 70%.
  • Custom weld cell with six robots to weld and clean odd-shaped 30-ton parts.

Founded in 1998, Navus Automation, Inc. is an industry leader in full-service custom machine building, welding, and integration solutions. We collaborate with many Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, military, agriculture, and consumer industries. Navus engineers provide exceptional robotic solutions for integrated systems that increase productivity, quality, and safety.