Navus has always been known for our ground-breaking welding work, but did you know that we specialize in a range of industry-specific custom automation? Over the years we’ve helped countless clients realize the potential for their business to grow faster and stronger through automated processes. In heavy-industry manufacturing, custom automation can be especially beneficial.

Our newest free white paper features a heavy-industry project that seemed impossible. The manual process our clients had in place before transforming their process was time-consuming and exhausting. They knew they needed a change, both to speed up manufacturing time and for their employees’ wellbeing. Our clients worked with other custom automation specialists before approaching us, but the prototypes these specialists designed always failed at one of the most crucial steps of the process they tried to create.

Our clients needed a machine that could locate individual parts that weighed up to 14,000 pounds, identify the part by recognizing its shape and features, create a tool path for it, and then mill the sharp edges on the part to a precise radius. Previously employees in our clients’ facility had used electric grinders to manually grind sharp edges, which left them exhausted and at risk of personal injury. With their new process, they wanted their employees to be able to oversee the process from a safe distance.

To learn more about how Navus stepped in and clarified the complex process that our client needed, fill out the form to download our free white paper Making the Impossible Possible with Sensor-Guided Robotics.

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