miller weld technologyAt Navus, we’re known for achieving what seems impossible with industry-specific custom automation. Over the years we’ve helped countless clients realize the potential for their business to grow faster and stronger through automated processes. In heavy-industry manufacturing, custom automation can be especially beneficial due to the weight and complexity of the manufacturing process.

Our newest free white paper features a heavy-industry project that came with multiple complex challenges for our team to solve. The welding system our clients had in place before transforming their process was unreliable and risky. Our clients knew they needed a change, both to speed up production time and for better quality control of their finished parts. 

Our clients needed a machine that could adjust the tooling and steps needed for the welding process automatically based on parts that weighed between 50 and 1,500 pounds. Their previous system had issues holding parts in place during the process, and produced parts with severe quality issues that slowed down production. With their new process, our client was able to double productivity with brand new weld technology that’s the first of its kind on the market!

To learn more about how Navus stepped in and clarified the complex process that our client needed, fill out the form to download our free white paper Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing with New Weld Technology.

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