At NAVUS we develop and design projects of all scales and levels. Sometimes the projects we do are focused on achieving a process design that seemed impossible for our clients due to complexity or scale. Our engineers excel at tasks and projects that take a complicated process and streamline it to suit your company’s needs. 

Recently we acquired a client that already had automated processes within their facility for the production of a particular product, however, their downstream process required these products to change orientation in order to be packaged correctly without associate intervention. Our engineers were given specific goals, materials, and space to work with in order to create the custom automated process and integrate it with existing processes within our client’s manufacturing facility. Not only did we have very specific parameters, but the product itself was complicated. Our client needed assembly of multiple components to be accomplished within the space they dedicated to our process. The finished process would have to be dynamic in multiple ways.

All of the variables and complexity presented an intriguing and unique project for our engineers to navigate. Together with our valuable vendors, we designed an automated process that worked and looked more refined than our clients could have imagined. To discover more about how Navus engineers used robotics to design a custom automation process that worked for our client’s needs, you can experience it all through filling out the form to download our free visual case study, Custom Automation for Dynamic Productivity in Light Industrial Manufacturing.

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