Automation using robotics isn’t a new concept in the world of manufacturing, but many industries are still discovering robotics’ endless possibilities. Medium-industry manufacturing is associated with automotive, aluminum die casting, and durable goods, but residential construction falls into the same category. Building a prefabricated residential structure may seem like it’s a heavy-industry project, but it’s really a lot of medium-industry pieces combined to create one finished product, much like a car.

The latest free white paper we’ve published features a medium-industry project that introduced automation to the featured clients’ facility. Our client had historically had their employees manually measure and cut all of the floorboards needed for a prefabricated residential building. Our clients needed a process that could translate building plans from two dimensional CAD drawings to finished floorboards, cut, stacked, and organized in order of their use in the downstream process. The automated system required vision-guided robotics, custom software, and adaptability with minimal input from an operator.

Though the project seemed complicated, our engineering team knew they could design a system that met all of our clients’ needs, as well as delivering faster production times and decreased safety risks for employees within their facility. The result of our engineers’ expertise was an easy-to-use-system that integrated with their other processes to deliver finished products faster than they thought possible.

To learn more about how Navus is forging the future for vision-guided robotics in medium industry manufacturing, download our free white paper Transforming Medium-Industry Manufacturing Through Vision-Guided Robotics and CAD to Path Generation today!

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