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Navus Automation, Inc. has provided custom turnkey robotic welding and automation solutions to many Fortune 500 companies in the Medical, Automotive, Military and Consumer industries.

Our innovative engineering and fabrication expertise enables us to help clients surpass their goals of increased efficiency while also improving the quality, endurance, and reliability of their automated systems.

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An unprecedented welding project designed to move the robotic welding workcell 20 yards into position in a dangerous environment. The multi-task robot effectively preps joints, welds, provides inter-pass cleaning, and vacuums welds remotely from an operator’s console that utilizes a live monitor and a HD camera for post inspection.

Portable Weld Cell2


This portable robotic work cell is designed to be used for multiple welds in multiple positions. Equipped with a twin wire welding system for heavy-deposition welding, the robot can also change tools for single-torch welding, grinding, deburring, and cleaning. The robot, wire drums, tool changer, and peripheral equipment are located on a movable platform connected to a rail system. This allows movement in both directions along the X and Y axes, increasing the robot’s reach.

Large Assembly Weld Cell Collagesm


This machine is designed to weld T-beams by feeding them through a work cell. The cell consists of two inverted robots using the twin wire welding method.

Large Assembly Weld Cell2

Large Assembly Weld Cell

This custom weld cell utilizes six robots in a work cell measuring 140’x40’x30’. Three robots on each side of a column and boom system function to weld and clean oddly-shaped parts which each weigh 30 tons. The four robots on either end of the cell weld the part, while the two center robots, equipped with wire brushes, provide inter-pass cleaning. An engineered trunnion and clamp system lifts, rotates, and lowers the 30-ton parts.

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