Feature Project: CAD Translation Using Vision-Guided Robotics


Medium industrial manufacturing includes projects of all shapes and sizes. From automotive to construction, medium industry manufacturers have a diverse range of production needs. This is why Navus has created a reputation for troubleshooting and envisioning exactly what your facility needs when it comes to a custom automation process. 

The Manufacturing Challenge

In one of our recent feature projects, the client needed something created from nothing. Every process in their manufacturing facility was being done manually. From the most important tasks, to the smallest ones, and everything in between. In order to start a gradual change towards automated processes, our client chose one manual process to replace. The challenge? Their new process needed to translate CAD to path generation using vision-guided robotics.

The Automated Solution

The new automated process our engineers created:

  • Decreased safety risks to employees 
  • Saved time and money for our clients
  • Increased throughput, allowing for higher revenue

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The finished process gave our client even better results than they had dreamed or asked for. Navus Automation Inc. specializes in making the impossible, possible. Our world-class team has a reputation for applying ingenuity to solve complex challenges and deliver customized turn-key systems solutions. From concept to completion, Navus provides robotic welding and automation systems built upon our unwavering commitment to excellence, precision, and reliability.

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