Feature Project: A Dynamic, Custom Process for Light Industry Manufacturing


Automation in manufacturing can involve parts that are multiple tons, but also parts that are smaller and more focused on consumer-based products. Think about it. Any small item you can find in large quantities in a chain store has to be mass-produced somehow. While Navus usually specializes in helping manufacturers in medium and heavy industries, that isn’t always the case.

The Manufacturing Challenge

One of our recently featured projects is all about how we helped a client by engineering a custom automation process built with dynamic productivity in mind. They already had a pre-existing process in a specified space in their facility. Our engineers had precise parameters to keep in mind, both in regard to the facility space and the pre-existing process.

The Automated Solution

Our engineers had to:

  • Engineer a new, dynamic, custom automation process that would integrate with pre-existing processes
  • Design a way for multiple steps of the new process to happen in the same space to keep the footprint small
  • Make sure the new process that did multiple steps in the same space also correctly puts small parts together with minimal input from associates

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The finished process gave our clients even better results than they had dreamed or asked for. Navus Automation Inc. specializes in making the impossible, possible. Our world-class team has a reputation for applying ingenuity to solve complex challenges and deliver customized turn-key systems solutions. From concept to completion, Navus provides robotic welding and automation systems built upon our unwavering commitment to excellence, precision, and reliability.

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